Struck Off Charge Dioramas

Listed below are all of our sold out dioramas.
These dioramas are no longer produced and are only available through the secondary market via auction sites such as ebay.
I am happy for resellers to use the data provided in exchange  for a link to our site but,
use your own photographs as you may be liable to misrepresentation.

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'Battle of France' Hurricane Mk I's of 87 Squadron

Featuring three Hurricanes, pilots, groundcrew, and other airfield items. This diorama brings the Battle of France to life. The heroic performance of the British fighter squadrons in the face of the German blitzkrieg meant the RAF were better prepared for the Battle of Britain. The Hurricanes featured were piloted by Roland Beamont, Dennis David and W E Coope. The diorama has been signed by Battle of France and Britain veteran Gp Capt 'Billy' Drake and has a solid silver hand engraved numbered plaque.

'Scramble' Spitfire Mk I's of 54 Squadron

Capturing the dramatic moment of a 'Scramble' during the Battle of Britain this diorama features three early Spitfires with pilots and ground crew along with other airfield items. Showing pilots Al Deere, James Leathart, and Colin Gray running to their aircraft from a classic dispersal hut with armchairs and Me 109 'trophies' this diorama epitomises the daily life of a fighter pilot in the summer of 1940. The diorama has a space for veterans signatures and a solid silver hand engraved numbered plaque.

'Ground Attack' P-51 Mustang's of 353rd F.S.

Fully loaded with bombs and emblazoned with D Day markings this diorama portrays the hectic tumult of constant raids by ground attack aircraft in support of the landings. Ground crew and pilots are shown in the organised chaos of the advanced landing ground at Lashenden in Kent. Featuring two silver and one olive drab aircraft of pilots Jack T Bradley, John G Montigo Jnr and Felix M Rogers the diorama also includes a solid silver hand engraved numbered plaque and space for veterans signatures.

'Airborne Assault' Horsa Mk I & Stirling Mk IV

This very special diorama featurs the Horsa Glider of Brigadier M Dauncey DSO and its tow aircraft. The pair are just about to take off for the airborne assault on Arnhem. This diorama has been produced to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the Allied invasion of mainland Europe. Personally signed by Brigadier Dauncey it features a solid silver, hand engraved, numbered plaque, vehicles and personnel.

'Sink the Tirpitz' Avro Lancaster B Mk I Specials

Featuring a pair of Lancasters with their 'Tallboy' bombs from the 'Tirpitz' raid. The aircraft featured are those of Flt Lt W D Tweddle from 9 Squadron and Wg Cdr J B 'Willie' Tait the commanding officer of 617 squadron. Between the aircraft is mounted a solid silver hand engraved numbered plaque, and a sheet of vellum signed by ten aircrew who took part in the final successful raid.

'Galland's Zirkus' Fw 190D-9s and Me262A-1a

The Me262 was especially vulnerable to attack when taking off and landing so a unit of Fw190D-9s known as the 'Wurgerstaffel' (Red Winged Shrike or Butcher Bird) were deployed as the 'Platzschtszstaffel' (Field Protection Flight). The diorama features two Fw190D-9 escort fighters with the very unusual red and white stripedunderside and the Me262 of Adolf Galland at Ainring airfield. Additionally featured are Kubelwagen and Kettenkrad vehicles, nine personel including Adolf Galland a tall wooden shed and various stacks of airfield supplies. This is an extremely colourful and interesting diorama capturing the drama as WWII drew to a close.