North American P-51K Mustang

North American P-51K Mustang  G4-C  411622  ‘Nooky Booky IV’,
362nd F.S. 357th F.G. 8th USAAF 1945, Captain Leonard ‘Kit’ Carson.

North American P-51K Mustang 1/144 scale pewter limited edition aircraft model. The K variant. Handmade by Staples and Vine Ltd.

Scale 1:144     Wingspan 3.11″ (79 mm)
Base size 4″ (100 mm) square (No. 1)
Weight not including base 1.27 ozs (37 grams)
Total number of models produced 29

The last Mustang variant to see action in the European theatre of WWII this aircraft known as ‘Nooky Booky IV’ was flown by Captain Leonard ‘Kit’ Carson who with 18.5 aerial and 3.5 strafing victories was the top scoring ace of the 357th Fighter Group.